New Logo

In addition to the new look and name, I have made myself a logo.  Up until this point, I have been using a purple version of the Jedi Symbol.  There are multiple reasons I wanted to get away from that, I will not get into all of them, but I decided to make myself something unique.


There is a lot of symbolism in here for me.  The crystal in the middle is because of my draw to the kyber crystals.  The complete circle is an overall thing for me, I prefer circles, the symmetry, the connectedness, the lack of harsh corners, and the many things associated with circles (seriously, there are so many).  The three dashed lines outside the circle are to symbolize either Mind, Body, and Spirit, or The Force, Knowledge, and Self Discipline.  I always felt these two sets were equivalents of each other:  Mind=Knowledge, Body=Self Discipline, and Spirit=The Force.  The greater image in the banner contains the symbols for the latter set (referenced from The Jedi Path by Daniel Wallace).


The new symbol being in the middle of the three is my way of stating that here, all three are equally important.  Finally, the four lines crossing on either side of the crystal.  The initial idea was to show one long line, because I always thought I would have a double bladed saber.  It did not look right.  I tried making three lines, or six points, because my lucky number is six.  It still did not look right.  I ended up with four lines/eight points, which I felt fit with the fact that as a dancer, I always count things in eights…even in my workouts, I have a difficult time doing 10 of something or 12 of something, I always have to go 8, 16, 24, ecc.  It also has fictional meaning towards me, but only in my own stories I have dreamed up, so while those have meaning to me, they have little meaning to the rest of the world (maybe one day I will share the stories…maybe not).  The scenic background in the banner ties into that as well.

Last thing I noticed, was that the symbol sort of looked like a cross section of a lightsaber, as if you looked from one end to the other. Not that you want to look down the top end of a lightsaber (Luke), but still neat.

I may continue to tweek this (the image was completely flat until a week ago).