“I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.”

We have all heard it, we have all said it by now.  Many of us have giggled at them as someone throws them out as a joke, not out of disrespect, just because the context was amusing.  Chirrut Imwe’s words echo in our heads in repetition as they did throughout the movie.  I think most, if not all Jedi out there connected with his character, a character who believed strongly in the Force and could feel it, but could not harness it and use it as the Jedi did, yet still chose to live by their ideals.

His words have since become a mantra for many Jedi, and of course many are working them into meditations or looking for ways to do so.  Thus far, my favorite use has been with Mala Beads.

I bought my mala beads several years ago, I had wanted some for a while, and this particular string called to me.  It is an amethyst set (purple IS my favorite color), and only has 106 beads to the standard 108 (six is my lucky number).  They usually sit wrapped around my bedpost, and I use them for various mantras as needed.

The idea is, that you hold the string of beads in your hands, and you gradually move your fingers on one hand from bead to bead, reciting your mantra for each bead, focusing on the words and the meaning as a form of meditation.  There is one bead that where the string is tied off, on my string it has a tassel on the end, so you can begin or end with that one.  I like to end with it personally.  The beads make for a nice focusing point, as well as a good way of tracking yourself without consciously counting.

Some other mantras I have used are the recitation of the Jedi Code (sometimes only one line, sometimes the entire code per bead, sometimes one line per bead with the last bead being the entire code (as I use the five line).  I have also used various quotes from the fiction.

Recently I wrote a line for myself to remind myself of my worth in something…as I begun, the words did not mean much, but as I neared the end, I found myself in tears as I began to fully realize the meaning and truth behind the simple words.  Mantras can be powerful things, and only in the act of repeating them can we fully digest and understand the wisdom in the words.  So, get on board with Chirrut and start repeating your mantras.