About the Journeyer


My name is Destiny, Destiny Froste as known throughout the Jedi community, which I first joined back in the late summer/early autumn of 1999 (exact date lost to the ezboard beast).  I was extremely active in the Jedi community until 2008, when, for several reasons, I decided to leave the community and follow the path on my own for a while.  Over the past eight years, while I have checked in every now and then, I had not participated in any Jedi groups until May, 2016 when I started feeling a call back to the community.  I am not really a full member of any one group, I follow many, I participate in few.

This blog, is my personal thoughts and experiences.  I will try to post regularly every Wednesday, but extra posts may crop up in addition.  In those instances which are planned, I will probably switch the post for that week so that one goes live Tuesday and one goes live Thursday, I like symmetry, but I am also rather random, so who knows really.

Please feel free to follow, and to comment, as long as comments are kept respectful.

This blog first began on August 9th, 2016 as “Return of a Jedi.”
On August 9th, 2017, the name was changed to Jedi Journeyer.