Be Smarter

It is a common misconception that education is expensive.  Yes, accredited information that gives you a shinny diploma can be rather pricey, but there is a wealth of information available at absolutely no cost.

First off, there is this newfangled thing called a library.  They are pretty much everywhere, and even if you for some reason cannot acquire a library card (like if you live in an unincorporated area), you can still visit libraries and use the books and computers while there.  I basically lived at the library when I was a kid growing up.  I read constantly, and it was the only way I could access the internet before we had it at home (yes…there was a time in my life when internet was not in my home let alone my back pocket).

If you do have internet in your back pocket though (or just at home), there are plenty of online resources as well.

Open Course Links
Open Course…otherwise known as free college classes online, often from Universities like Harvard, Yale, and Oxford…yeah, the big boys.

Other Websites

  • ThoughtCo – “our in-depth articles give you the answers and information you need to be smart, informed and confident”
  • Code Academy – You can learn just about any computer language on this site.
  • Daily Grammar – Contains 440 lessons and 88 quizzes, you can sign up for daily e-mails, or gust browse the site.
  • Pindex – Like Pinterest, but without the hairstyles, decorating tips, and other extraneous posts.  Pindex is a pinning site dedicated to learning.  I am just now starting to use it myself, so I cannot say much more.
  • Documentary Heaven – A website filled with documentaries of various topics.

Language Learning

  • DuoLingo – Want to learn a foreign language but cannot afford the big expensive programs like Rosetta Stone?  Look no further.  You can even get competitive with friends to help motivate you.
  • Babbel – Language site/app similar to DuoLingo or Rosetta Stone, not free like DuoLingo but not a one time fee like Rosetta, this is a monthly subscription ranging from $7-$13 per month (depending on whether you pay up front or every month).  There is a free trial, which I really enjoyed, but I have not subscribed.
  • Language Zen – Let’s you explore interests in a language and recommends songs with words you have learned.  So far it is only available in Spanish, but they are supposed to be working on other languages.

YouTube Channels 

  • Mental Floss – A channel full of random information.  Not always useful, but always interesting.
  • Sci Show – A channel dedicated to all things science.
  • Sci Show Space – A channel dedicated to all things space.
  • Sci Show Psych – A channel dedicated to all things psychology.
  • Crash Course – Crash course has several different course topics that give quick summaries of information.  Be ready to hit the rewind button a few times if you really want to absorb it all.  I even take notes.
  • Laci Green – Lots of straightforward information about sex and all things related.

Google “Like a Boss”
Google becomes much more effective if you know how to use it.

Google Scholar – If you want only results from scholarly journals and whatnot.

Facebook (and all Social Media) FACT CHECK
Let’s be honest, we get a LOT of our information through social media now-a-days, but that does not mean it is all true.  Fact check, do the research, do not take things at face value.  Same with Wikipedia.  ANYONE can edit a Wikipedia page.  I find Wikipedia a fantastic starting point, but I am going to be citing the sources, not Wikipedia itself.