My name is Destiny, Destiny Froste as known throughout the Jedi community, which I first joined back in the late summer/early autumn of 1999 (exact date lost to the ezboard beast).  I was extremely active in the Jedi community until 2008, when, for several reasons, I decided to leave the community and follow the path on my own for a while.  Over the past eight years, while I have checked in every now and then, I have not participated in any Jedi groups until earlier this year (May, 2016) when I started feeling a call back to the community.

This blog, is my personal thoughts and experiences.  I will try to post regularly every Wednesday (I have a list of topics through February 22nd right now), but extra posts may crop up in addition.  In those instances which are planned, I will probably switch the post for that week so that one goes live Tuesday and one goes live Thursday.  I like symmetry.

Please feel free to follow, and to comment, as long as comments are kept respectful.  I do not expect this blog to turn into anything big, it is just a place for me to store my thoughts since I do not have a “home” in the online community anymore, even if I am the only one to ever see them.