One Year Anniversary: New Name, New Look

Today is officially one year since my first post on this blog.  I decided long ago that at the one year mark I would change the name, let’s face it, you can only be returning for so long.  And yet, I have not really returned.

While I participate with some groups, I am still sitting on the outskirts of the community, outside, looking in.  I went to a gathering, and I had planned on being at the California Gathering this week (finances prevented that), but I am still not fully involved.  I hang out in the California Jedi chats and I make my posts available for Katie to share on the site, but I am still acting as an entirely independent entity.  I still refuse to take on a title, and I still study on my own, on my terms and based on my standards (which tend to be a lot stricter than anywhere else I have seen thus far).  I have often likened myself to Yoda on Dagobah or Obi-Wan on Tatooine (I am listening to the Audiobook of Kenobi while I type this…definitely hitting home in a few spots), and wanted this blogs new name to reflect that.  This is my post-Order 66 hideaway.

I toyed with several names that involved Ilum, but the new fiction leads me to believe that Ilum is not only a dangerous place to be after Order 66, but most likely no longer exists by the time the First Order comes around.  I toyed with names involving Kyber Crystals, as I have always felt a draw to the crystals themselves, but nothing felt quite right.  For a good length of time I had settled on Elysium, either Elysium Jedi Sanctum or Elysium Jedi Enclave (I might break one of those out if I ever finish my curriculum and decide to curse myself with opening a training academy).

Way back when I first joined the community in 1999, I created my website, and I named it after a solar system in a Star Wars story I had made up.  When I created my first forum, I actually named the different subforums after each of the planets.  Elysium system was essentially where I would have been from were I in the Star Wars Galaxy, a sort of character back story if it were all true.

However it still felt wrong…the name felt empty, and if I ever wanted to create an actual training academy, I felt it would be in conflict.  I tried to look at what I post here, and find something that fit.  I ended up polling the Jedi on my facebook (thank you to Christopher, Alex, and Katie for the imput) and finally settled on Jedi Journeyer.  In the Legends fiction, the original Je’daii Order had four main ranks: Padawan, Journeyer, Ranger, and Master.  The Journeyer’s had successfully completed their formal Padawan training and would travel between the nine Temples of Tython, each Temple having their own subject area of focus.  I felt it was a good term…sort of a not-a-student, but-not-a-knight middle ground that was all about exploring different subjects and practical, real world training (granted I have been at that for much longer than the Je’daii two year term 😉 ).

So, welcome all to Jedi Journeyer.


2 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary: New Name, New Look

  1. Kai-An says:

    Congrats on the new name and logo Destiny! We are going to miss you this weekend. I just wanted to say that even not considering all you’ve been through this year, your consistency and focus in training inspires me. Keep on keeping on, Jedi.


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