Weekly Training Summary

A new addition to my posting, I intend to post this every Sunday night/Monday morning as a way of keeping myself accountable.


  • Reading – I have been doing SO much ready lately.  In the past week I read Kenobi, Bloodlines, and I have started Empire’s End; and I am gradually making my way through Star Wars and Philosophy (for California Jedi Book Club), Dune (for another online book club), Book of the Sith, The Beginner’s Guide to Insight Meditation, Le Avventure di Pinocchio (in Italian), and Scourge.  I am making small progressions in most of these, but cumulatively I am reading at least 100 pages per day.
  • Mental Floss – I have done three lessons in World History this week.
  • Language – I have not done as well with my Italian as I did last week.  This week I only watched two episodes of La Pimpa and only read one chapter/four pages of Pinocchio.  It has been a busy week though, I was booked on set twice and had an audition.


  • Calories in/out – 8,935/16,845 (Burned a total of 7,910 calories more than consumed)
  • Weight Loss – 1.5lbs – They weight has been up, down, and all around this week, but the trend is still going down (which is the goal).  As frustrating as it is that I am not losing my goal of 2lbs per week, the fact that I am burning more than 2lbs per week (based on 3,500 calories=1lb) means I am also putting on muscle, which is also the goal.
  • Workout – I am still doing really well on my workout.  I did not workout three days this week, the three days I had class and was on set (but I still hit my daily goal of burning 1k calories more than I ate, otherwise I would have pushed myself to workout those days too).  The other four days I did my full Zumba Routine, stretched, and did strength training (skipped strength training tonight because neck was hurting and had well surpassed calorie goal for the day, so I did strength training three of the seven days, which is still acceptable).
  • Diet – My diet has been a little odd this week, but I have still kept pretty much to healthier foods.  Usually the most difficult time is when on set, but I managed to not snack on any Kraft Services this week.  I actually have been finding myself a little short at the end of most days (like today…I need to go find 351 more calories to consume).
  • I also began researching a new Martial Arts school this week.  I cannot afford classes at the moment, but I am hoping that will change soon.  It has been far to long since I have taken classes, and I am eager to learn new skills.  I have a few possibilities on my list, but I will do more research when living and financial situations settle.  I am still on the hunt for a good Ba Gua Zhang school, also considering Kung Fu, Aikido, Jujitsu (if I can find a good school teaching the Japanese version as opposed to Brazilian), or even returning to Capoeira…maybe (it has always been my favorite, but I like to try different forms).


  • Meditation – I have meditated at least twice a day this week.  I did not manage to squeeze in a third time, aside from using my Mala bracelet while out and about, until Saturday.  I have the entire old version of Headspace to try out now…and there are at least 650 guided meditations there (granted…some are focused on things I have no need of…like pregnancy…if I still had my tumor I would totally use the pregnancy meditations for that :D), so I have plenty of meat there.  Plus the meditations from the book I am reading, and I will probably pick up a few other similar type books next time I stop at the library.

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