Random Musing

This evening I was on set of a commercial.  We were filming by Northwestern, in a field surrounded by a track.  Throughout the evening there were various people running and walking around on the track, but at one point, a group showed up and the end of the field we were facing towards.  They did a group warm up, and then they did a lap, regrouped, and then started running again.

As I was standing there watching the runners pass by, observing their posture and strides…I found myself thinking how nice it would be to see that in the Jedi.  A group of Jedi show up at a track or somewhere similar as part of a regular workout group.  Not just once in a blue moon, and not just at lightsaber gatherings, but actually workout…out in the world…being an example…  Kind of like seeing high school cross country teams running through the neighborhood after school all wearing various team attire; a t-shirt, shorts, a hoodie, a windbreaker…

Chicago seemed to be going that direction for a heartbeat…when we started offline here we would get together at forest preserves and do Tai Chi and what not, but we were small then and that changed quickly.

I can imagine students at the Jedi Temple doing fitness classes together.

It was just a very beautiful daydream for that moment and I thought I would share.


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