Paying for Training

In an idealistic world, the Jedi of our reality would be like the Jedi of the movies.  Sanctioned by the government, with several bases that we live at when not out on missions and all of our basic need provided for.  Unfortunately, I do not see that happening…well…ever.  The reality of it is, that we all function independently, and while there may be groups that we belong to, chances are, there will never be a group that is able to provide basic living needs, unless one of us wins the lottery and decided to invest it all in the Jedi.  So, we must provide for ourselves.  Like everyone else in the world, we must find a job/career that we are a good at, and hopefully that we also somewhat enjoy and is in harmony with our path.

As groups progress however, there is always a push to be recognized, and to be the official group.  In that, they try to look and act more official, websites, newsletters, ecc.  This stuff CAN cost money, and it can be tempting, and seem even reasonable to those in charge, to consider charging fees to its members.  Suddenly, not only are we not provided for like in the Star Wars Universe, but it is the exact opposite and it is costing us money to be a Jedi?

Can it cost money?  Yes, but you can also do it all for free.  Sure, you can build a fancy site with a domain name, and have leaders who are dedicated to doing nothing but web design, writing newsletters, writing training, ecc.  However, if the goal is disseminating knowledge, you can do it for free.  There are free servers that will allow you to create a basic site, sure you will need to have a silly address that is not a fancy “,” but it still serves the purpose.  Get a free domain, get a free forum, hell, get a blog ;).  Even if you want a fancy domain name or such, they are not terribly expensive.  I pay $10/month for website hosting…I could probably get cheaper…from what I hear, registering a domain is even less than that.  The purpose is the sharing of knowledge, not of money.

If there is too much work for one or two people to do on their own while still having jobs, then consider restructuring the workload somehow, either by better pacing, or by bringing in others to help (some tasks can be great experience for students, and there could be friends and family who are not interested in the path themselves, but support it and are willing to help…not everyone helping with the running of a group must be a knight).

We live in an age where information is increasingly available online, for free.  To my knowledge, there are no Jedi groups that offer anything that cannot be found at other groups, or through personal reading and research.  Being a Jedi is something that will probably never make someone rich, but it is not about that.  If you want to be rich and a Jedi, pursue a career with lucrative possibilities, there are many out there that still work with being a Jedi.  And if you are considering a group that does charge, really dig in and find out what it is that they are charging for.  Chances are, it is nothing you cannot find elsewhere…in fact, you could probably even find better.  Save your money for more important things.


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