During my second year of college, I took an English Composition class.  For one of the papers, we spent a class going through stacks of magazines in groups, and each group was supposed to select an ad which disturbed them, and then write an essay describing the ad in detail and then explaining what was disturbing about it.

I remember her talking about one ad…with a guy wearing loafers and a goth looking girl coming after him.  She wanted us to be offended by the ad.  Sure, it was silly and unbelievable, but I did not find it offensive.

I did learn something important from that lesson, but not what the instructor intended, I am sure.  I learned that if you try hard enough, you can find meaning in anything, but that meaning is not what was intended, just what you projected.

There is a fine line between properly analyzing something and over-analyzing it.  It is like saying a word over and over again, to the point that it sounds weird and the meaning seems lost.  As Jedi, we need to learn to trust our instincts and gut reactions.  You cannot necessarily do so right out the gate, but gradually you learn through trial and error.  If you then start over-analyzing situations, you will discover meaning and intent that do not exist.


Sometimes the curtains really are just blue.  Enjoy the color.  Move on.



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