Mock Gathering: Fiji

Oh, Fiji!  You could not make this easy on my, could you?

From a price standpoint, there were some EXTREMELY affordable options in Fiji (six under $200 that I recorded), ranging from $6/night to $184/night.  Amenities however, were slightly trickier.  Some places had no wi-fi…fine, a weekend without the internet wont kill anyone, and it might be good for some.  Some places had not Air Conditioning, again, could be a good experience for those who have always had the luxury.  Some did not provide essentials…though I am still not 100% sure what falls into “essentials” as I have seen places say they do not offer essentials, but then later list that they do offer, what I would consider, essentials.

In the end, I found my favorite place to be Bougain’ville Suites.  The rate would be about $215/night plus food.  They have AC, they have wi-fi, they have essentials and a kitchen.  There are six bedrooms, 14 beds, and could sleep up to 22.  Oh, and it is the only one on my list that has a pool.  Of course, this is actually in Samoa, not Fiji.

The next best option would probably be what was titled “Home away from home, friendly.”  This one is actually in Tonga, but the rate is more affordable at $55/night plus food.  It has all the same amenities, except one…AC.   A trade off, to be sure.

The activities in this area mostly center around the aquatic, some lodgings offering arrangements for Whale Watching/Swimming, Cave Diving, and Snorkeling, but also Hiking and other land activities.  Fiji has a couple of temples, there are volcanoes and blowholes throughout the Island, and a lot of different cultural sites and activities.

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