The “Old Guard”

One term that was completely new to me when I returned to the Jedi Community last year was the “Old Guard.”  Evidently it had become a term to describe those who were around “back-in-the-day,” though I have never really seen a defining line of what constitutes “Old Guard.”

Of all of the Jedi still active today, I only know of one who has been around longer than I have, and that is Opie (and just barely).  There are a couple who I have seen say they were around from about the same time as us, but none I could confirm.  They were Jedi who stuck to one board or another generally, a lot from Jedi Academy or Force Academy, and I did not tend to be overly active at either of them, so like I said, I cannot confirm (though I am not saying they are lying).  The rest of the Jedi out there pretty much came from 2004 and forward, which is still a decent length of time, though again, most of these I never interacted with.

One of the attendees of the 2016 Stronghold Gathering approached me on Saturday night and said something along the lines of “I know you are, like, Old-OLD Guard.”  If my eyebrows were capable of rising individually, one would have climbed new heights at this.  Yeah, I was around since practically the inception of the Jedi community, so “Old Guard” was not?  What about these people claiming join dates of the same time as myself?  People who still seem to be in the same place that they were back then.

What is the “Old Guard?”


Well, nothing really.  Yeah, it is pretty neat for some of us to be able to say we were there at the beginning, but while that is cool, and COULD mean something…it does not necessarily mean anything.  We witnessed a lot…if we got out of a singular bubble community, yes, but that is not to say we have all grown from what we have seen.  You can respect a person for being around a long time, but at the same time, you should look at who they are.  Is this someone who seems to have learned from all their time?  Or is this someone who is still rehashing the same struggles and not learning at all?

Just like you cannot put a time stamp on when in the future you will be a knight, you cannot look at how long a person has been on a path already and know anything from it.  Judge by actions, not by time.

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