“Of course, he had seen deep commitment at the Temple among the Jedi students.  But with some students, there often seemed to be pride mixed in.  They were the elite, picked out of millions to be trained.

“Whenever Yoda saw pride in a Jedi student, he found ways to expose it and put the student on the right path.  Pride was often based in arrogance, and had no place in a Jedi.  Part of the Jedi training was to eliminate pride and substitute sureness and humility.  The Force only flourished in those who knew they were connected to all life-forms.”

~Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice – The Defenders of the Dead by Jude Watson; p63-4

Those who follow the path of the Jedi in this world do so of their own choosing, not because they were selected due to an innate connection with the Force.  Because of this, there is a higher level of pride displayed in the community.  Individuals strive for titles and power within the community without really dedicating them to the path, they see themselves as above certain things, or an exception for whatever reason.

If you are someone who already holds a position of influence.  Make sure to check yourself and your piers for pride, and then make sure to pass down the lesson of “sureness and humility.”

If you are someone newer to the path, still learning, still looking for guidance, look for that guidance in those who do not display an abundance of pride.  Unfortunately, there are MANY in the community who boast the title of knight and master who negate their claims with almost every word and action, but they will only continue to grow more prideful if given the respect due to one who has truly earned their title.  Don’t try to tear them down, it is not worth the energy, just ignore them and go somewhere else.

The purpose of this path is not for praise and recognition, but to serve, even if all your efforts go unnoticed.

“As a Jedi, he left behind justice and honor.  It didn’t matter if his footsteps would disappear, or if years from now no one on Gala remembered that two Jedi had helped to ensure a peaceful transition for their planet.  They would remember peace, and that was enough.”
~Thoughts of Qui-Gon Jinn – Jedi Apprentice: The Mark of the Crown; p.128

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