Mock Gathering – Wisconsin Dells


I hesitated on posting this one, because it has the probability of being a little more expensive than usual.  However, these ARE ultimately just for fun.  They are a sort of brainstorming, that may give others ideas when they are organizing future gatherings, so I am going for it, cause this one would be fun.

The Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells.  The Kalahari is the largest indoor resort in the Dells, with both and indoor and outdoor waterpark.  For the purpose of this Mock Gathering, I priced the Entertainment Villa, which is listed for sleeping 18, and if everyone is doubled up in beds, will sleep 18.  Couches provide additional sleeping space, though I think I would make an executive decision to keep the lower level common area free of people sleeping, so that there is somewhere in the open people can hang out all night without disrupting someones ability to sleep.


The Villa provides a five bedrooms, one with a King bed and the other four each with two queens.  There is a fully equipped kitchen (with full sized refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove/oven), free high speed internet, a laundry room, pool table, a private secluded entrance, and complimentary shuttle to the lobby.

Within the resort itself, there is a fitness center, lazer tag, bowling, mini golf, a ropes course, go karts, climbing walls, arcade, and, of course, the waterpark with a lazy river, various slides, hot tub, wave pool, ecc.  I believe some of these may be extra, but I do not remember what the cost was.  The website lists prices for non-guests though, so perhaps I am mistaken.  I know when I was there several years ago we received a different color wristband for each day of our stay.  I only ever used the waterpark, though I think after I left on Sunday, the others I was with went to the amusement park area with just their wristbands.

Unfortunately a non-included situation, though there is the kitchen in the Villa that meals can be arranged if all pitch-in (as Jedi should be willing and able to do).  There are also several restaurants on site, so if people wanted to go out for a meal, that is also an option.

The price I came up for in August was $4,388.91 total, which comes out to $243.83/person (for three nights, I believe four days of passes are included) for 18 people.  You could easily fit a few extra people in to bring the price down a little, but only the first 18 would be included in the passes, so extra passes would need to be purchased and it might just end up the same anyhow.  Of course extra would have to be factored in for food, but not so much extra, as I believe California Jedi manages to feed everyone for about $30 extra.

Also, that price is for the peak season.  If a Gathering could be scheduled for the winter, you would lose the added outdoor waterpark, but the price drops about $1,000, bringing it down to $184.59/person, which is down where I like to keep the price, and trust me, the indoor waterpark is VERY good.  It would just be a matter of getting people to agree on a winter date.

So yeah, a little more expensive than I usually try to keep these, but so many things to do, and it is a full on resort, so it works for those who use this as vacation time as well.

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