“Your Truths”

Recently, I was having a discussion with someone about an experience in my past.  Before I came to the conclusion of my story, the interjected, stating that something I once believed was true.  I then continued, with the end point being that I discovered that thing NOT to be true.  From there, when went on to have a rather heated discussion, debating whether this thing was true or not and they stood their ground saying that they have found this thing to be a universal truth.  I let it go eventually, knowing that it was not worth the price of the argument, and still, this is not about that topic exactly (which is why I have not stated what that topic is).  However, this is about what people “know to be true,” or as they stated, “universal truths.”

Urban Dictionary defines Universal Truth as:

The one simple fact that is so overwhelmingly true that all mankind bows down and acknowledges the validity of the statement

There are universal truths out there, like you need food and water to live, air to breath, ecc.  But concepts, and ways of living are very hard to label as such.  Something that one person finds absolutely essential to their life may be completely inconsequential to someone else.  Not only do our lives follow different paths, but our minds each have different ways of processing something.  What would be overwhelming for one is a basic state of rest for another.  None of this makes either person right or wrong, they just know different truths, different ways.

It can be difficult for us to put ourselves in other peoples shoes, to really understand what it is like to BE them, so before we judge what is and is not true for them, remember that your “truths” may not work for everyone.  Despite what you have discovered in your life, their path has led them to different discovers, and they are no more or less valid than yours.  Even if they are to find one day that they were incorrect, that must happen by their own discovery, and you telling them that their way is invalid will do no good for either of you.  Of course, there is always the possibility that YOU will be the one to discover the error.  Regardless, our job is not to tell people they are right or wrong, especially if their belief is not harming anyone.  Discuss yes, but do not judge.

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