Jedi Resolutions

Ah, New Years Resolutions.  Some people love them, some people hate them.  Some people prefer smaller chunks of goals, which I do as well, but I like to set annual resolutions and check up on them throughout the year.  I have had varying degrees of success with them, though I feel like I have been more successful as I have grown older…although I still struggle with the weight loss resolution. :/

I have a Lolita blog, also on WordPress, which I started back in 2012 as I first started participating in the Lolita fashion community.  I decided back then to make myself Lolita resolutions, separate from my regular resolutions, and I think it would be beneficial for me to do the same here, although my Jedi Resolutions are more likely to overlap with my regular resolutions, but I will try to focus on at least a few Jedi exclusive goals.

  1. Return to a regular workout schedule and keep to it.
    The past couple of years have been difficult for me health-wise.  In the summer of 2015, a large tumor was discovered in my abdomen and I was not allowed to workout at all until six weeks after it was removed.  It put me out of commission for for over three months.  This year I was having a severe reaction to mold in my apartment, which has caused a number of health issues.  While I have already begun to resume a workout routine, the goal is really to keep it up.  To increase my strength, flexibility, endurance, and, yes, weight.
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
    I go through phases of being really good about this, and I am usually better in the summer due to more in season produce, but I really need to work on this.  Plus, it should be easier once I move to California later this year.
  3. Create a first draft of Jedi Curriculum.
    Yes, when I discussed my old website several months ago, it made me want to work on the class curriculum again.  I started work, but when it comes down to specific lesson plans, I am always overwhelmed.  I need to remember that the first draft does not have to be perfect, but to at least get a first draft done and go from there.  If I work on 4-5 lessons per week, I would have a first draft of the entire curriculum done in a year.
  4. Read six new texts relevant to the Jedi Path.
    I had a difficult time coming up with a number.  I initially thought one per month, but I will be moving a lot, so that is a lofty goal, plus I do not have any ideas at the moment.  Thought of five…nice, standard number, but six is my lucky number (notice the number of resolutions 😉 ), so we’ll go there.  Six relevant texts.  Could be a book of meditation, or a book on philosophy, ecc….anything along those lines.
  5. Find a few possible Martial Arts schools in California.
    Note that I just say to find.  Whether or not I can actually register for classes will depend on how quickly I find a job once I move, but I would at least like to have options for once I am ready to register.
  6. Continue posting once a week.
    I have been doing well thus far, but it becomes more difficult to come up with new content the more you post, and I have had the tendency to fall off with other blogs in the past.

I seriously considered changing one of these to be about getting more involved with the Jedi community, but I am still experiencing a great deal of anxiety within the community.  Even with sites where I know the people running them, I feel extremely irrelevant.  I think to some extent, I will become more involved just through attending the California Gathering next year and what not, but I am very much a person who needs to feel a sense of purpose to be involved, and right now, I have no purpose anywhere.  Maybe this next year will change that, but not really something I can set a resolution to at this point.

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