Mock Gathering – California Redwoods

Back to the rural, I have always wanted to visit the California Redwoods, and have entertained having a Gathering there for years.

Redwoods River Resort –
Cabins house 35 people at $42.20 per person, per night.
Amenities, each have bathroom with shower, outside kitchenette, TV, private patie with barbecue – sleep 2-6 people per cabin.
Motel Rooms house 34 people at $35.70 per person, per night
Amenities include private bathroom with shower, kitchenette (microwave, small refrigerator, two burner stove, coffee pot, toaster, pots & pans, dishes, and utensils), TV and deck with barbecue.  Sleep 2-6 people per room.
Amenities include fire pits, hiking trail, swimming, wi fi.

It is possible that there are options for meals here, but nothing is listed on their website.  Still, I would not mind going back to everyone pitching in to cook/clean, even if those rolls need to be assigned before hand.  Evidently, this is how California Jedi does their gatherings anyhow, and it seems to work for them (I use hypothetical language because I have not yet attended a California Jedi Gathering).  Each room in the motel has its own kitchenette, so this would allow people to say, hey, I have a specific diet I need to follow, so I will take care of my own food.

First, the amenities: hiking trail, swimming, fire pit.  There are also various venues for Horseback Riding and Kayaking.  Of course, those would be extra, but again, voluntary participation.

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