A Comment on Today

I do not want this blog to become political, but I will say that a lot of people woke up to a shock this morning.  The one thing to take away from today, is to watch the people around you and how they react, it will tell you a lot about their character.  Many are reacting with fear…many have the right to.  Many are apathetic.  But many are reacting with hate.  Regardless of who you voted for if you are in the US, or who you would have wanted to vote for if you are not or are ineligible to vote, nothing excuses the hate.

It is unfortunate that I have already witnessed it within the “Jedi” community this morning, but it is helpful to be able to see those people for what they are, or more accurately, what they are not.  Jedi do not spew hate, and do not laugh and those in terror.  See those people, know that they are not what they claim, and treat their words and action as they deserve.

Be the light for people, not the source of pain.

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