Ahsoka and Me

The below does reference the new book, but does not really spoil anything.  Either way, you have been warned.


When we were first introduced to the character of Ahsoka Tano, I did not like her much.  Anakin’s nickname for her was well earned, and I found her grating on my nerves.  As her character developed however, she grew on me, so when a book focusing on her was slated to release the month of my birthday, I knew I was going to be buying myself an early birthday present.  I had barely cracked open the binding when I read the following:

“By walking away from the Temple, from the Jedi, she had given up her right to the Force–or at least that’s what she told herself sometimes.  She knew it was a lie.  The Force was always going to be a part of her, whether she was trained or not, the way it was part of everything.  She couldn’t remove the parts of her that were sensitive to it any more than she could breathe on the wrong side of an airlock.  Her authority was gone; her power remained.” ~ Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston, p.26

I realized that Ahsoka and I are very much alike.  We both left our versions of the Jedi Order because we did not like what we were seeing, and this paragraph rang true with me in regards to how I feel about where I stand now.  True, her Jedi are, to her knowledge, all dead and mine are just….continuously disappointing, but we each walked away with disappointment, and we both struggle with that decision.  She should have been there, she later thinks, to help fight back and defend.  I should have been there, I often think, to help steer things in a better direction.

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