Find Your Weakness; Overcome It

Perhaps you looked at last weeks standards and zeroed in on one that you are seriously lacking ability in.  You might be ashamed, and you might react against it because you fear being called out on that inability.  Instead of that, embrace it.  You cannot do this thing.  Great.  Now you know what you need to improve.  Go create a syllabus of sorts for yourself.

Perhaps it is the Knowledge of Jedi texts.
Seek them out.
Write them down.
Start to pick them apart, one by one and learn them.
Hell, create flash cards
(Example from my life: Before this years Gathering, Opie created a set of questions he asked on the review board.  In the week before, he used me as a guinea pig, giving me the test without any warning of what it would contain.  I was not happy with my score, so I wrote each text down in its entirety and then proceeded to break down the important points on flashcards.  By Saturday night of the Gathering, not even a week later, my score had already improved greatly.)

Perhaps it is Combat.
Go research Martial Arts styles, narrow them down to a few you are interested in and then start looking for schools in your area that teach them.  Don’t jump right into the first school though.  Check them out, make sure they are reputable.

Perhaps it is Physical Fitness.
How so?  Endurance?  Strength?  Flexibility?  All of the above?  Do the research on it and make steps to improve it.
(Example from my life:  I was a SIDS baby.  As a result of that, or maybe the cause of that, I have a birth defect, in which I get severe chest pains when I overexert myself (and sometimes just when I am stressed) and have less endurance than most.  For years I allowed it to rule my activities, never took regular gym class, always had notes from the doctor excusing me from doing the mile run tests, and just refused to challenge it.  Then one day, I decided I was done letting it dictate my life.  In November 2015 I ran my first 5K.  In June 2016 I ran an Obstacle Course/Mud Run 5K.  In July 2016 I ran my first 10K.  And, at the end of October, I will run my first 15K.  Yes, it is hard.  Yes, my times are kinda crap.  But yes, I can do it.)

Any of the standards can work this way, even problems with work or school as well.  Pinpoint your weaknesses and then find ways to overcome it, to become better than you were yesterday.  Do not worry about where others are, just worry about beating yourself each day.

If you have a difficult time figuring out exactly WHAT you should do to improve, consult someone who you respect in  that area.  If you are lucky enough to have found a good Jedi Master, consult them.  Consult a teacher.  Consult a friend who you admire.



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