Mock Gathering – Hawai’i

Opie and I were recently entertaining the idea of a Hawaii gathering, and I took it a step further and decided to start researching the logistics (although I believe Opie was the one who first looked at the Mauna Lea Manor, but it was me who got him to start looking after I was obsessing over a purple house…I like purple).


This location was not the first to catch my eye, but it is by far the most economical, and the look of the place is fantastic.  This is located on the Big Island, and they would probably be flexible on how many houses we rent depending on how many people sign up.

The Mauna Lea Manor description on Air B&B talks about ability to contact “doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, yoga teachers, scuba instructors, any style of dance you like, hunting, fishing, archery,etc. ”  Evidently the husband owns a boat for Scuba Diving or Fishing, so it would be interesting to do either.  Also, I always love the idea of Archery, and it would be great to have a group Yoga session or some other similar activity, maybe even a Hula lesson.

Surfing – When in Hawaii, right?  I started looking into possible classes, but have not yet found anything very affordable.  This might fall under Mauna Lea Manor ability to contact people though, so it is still a possibility.  Even if it were just a lesson on the beach learning how to stand on the board, I think it would be fun and beneficial.

(I claim no responsibility if Lelo and Stitch ends up being watched….who am I kidding?  I will probably watch all the movies and TV episodes just to prepare.  I have the soundtrack running through my brain right now.)

Mauna Kea/Mauna Loa/Lōʻihi – The Hawaiian Islands were entirely formed off of a volcanic plum, so it seems a great please to learn about volcano’s.  The Big Island has two main volcano’s: Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.  There is also a new Seamount, Lōʻihi, forming off the coast of the Big Island.  There could be an in house lesson about volcanoes, as well as an outing to one of the ones on the island to actually see it in person.


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