My Practice – TV Routine

Autumn is back (well, almost)!  That means changing leaves, Halloween, my birthday (boo), hot chocolate, and the return of TV shows!

Back when I was in school, I never watched TV.  I was at Acrobatics, or Tap, or spotting Acrobatics, or at Diving practice, or Color Guard, or Orchesis, or Tech Crew….the list literally goes on forever, I was very active.

Then, a few years ago, I realized something.  I watch a LOT of television.  Seriously…from 7-10 Monday-Thursday I am pretty booked solid, and then Sunday nights too, and there are still shows I have to record because they overlap.  I do not know how or when that happened, but it did. When they cancel shows I watch, it is sort of a relief.

All that time in front of the television means time not spent training though, so I created a TV Routine.  A circuit of exercises I can do while watching television…then during commercial breaks I can read or work on something that requires my brain.

16 Jumping Jacks
16 In and Out Bicep Curls
16 Squats
16 In and Out Lateral Raises
16 Calf Raises (alternating 45-degree, parallel, and toes in)
16 Shoulder Presses
16 Pliés
16 Overhead Tricep Extensions
20-Second Plank
16 Laying Shoulder Flyes
16 Laying Hip Raises
16 Ball Squeezes
16 Each of Four Wrist Grip Positions (two each hand)

The routine is much longer than when it started, and it usually takes me two sections of shows (commercial breaks between sections) to complete a circuit, but even if I only did one of these per show on a week night…that is three sets, and it is better than sitting on the couch.

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