Flashback – My Attempt at a Temple: The Curriculum

The curriculum I came up with for the Temple was very crudely done at the time, and most of my notes are a bit…confusing now.  My plan was meant as a starting point though.  As I gained the assistance of other Jedi, I had hoped to refine the curriculum further.

I began this post as just typing out the subjects by week, but realized it was very confusing, so here is a handy, dandy chart.

Screenshot 2016-08-24 12.04.03

The first year was a basic introduction to being a Jedi.  The first 20 weeks or so was basic lessons about Jedi in general, followed by a week break.  Returning from break, there were four weeks of Basic Meditation, five weeks of Basic Physical Fitness, five weeks of Tolerance, and three weeks of dealing with Emotions.  After a second break, there was another eight weeks of Beginning Meditation, four weeks of additional Jedi basics to prep the students for year two, and then a final week break for the end of the year.

The second year would again start with general Jedi information for six weeks, and then Intermediate Meditation for five weeks.  The first break would be in week twelve, followed by two weeks of First Aid, nine weeks of Sword Basics, and then a second break.  Next was four more weeks of Meditation, and nine weeks of basic Martial Arts in which various forms would be looked at.  Finally five weeks of “Wisdom” training (as it is called in my notes) before a third break.  The last chunk of the year would have four weeks of Intermediate meditation, three weeks of what looks like it was rules but changed to something unknown, and then three final weeks of prep into Year Three.

Year Three only has a one week Intro, and then right on to Advanced Meditation and Basic Force Exercises before the first break.  After the break it returns to Force exercises, and then more Advanced Meditation, and then a second break.  The final chunk of the year is Chakras, a third block of Advanced Meditation, and then a final break before Year Four.

I never wrote out outlines for these years, with the idea that they would be more specifically tailored towards each individual student.  They could have however been utilized for additional lessons, which I will discuss below.  The biggest individualized thing though, was combat based.  In years four and five I wanted each student to find a Martial Arts school in a form of their choosing and begin training.

If you want to understand just how much I worked on this and reworked things just back when I started, here are pictures of the schedule notes.

Looking back at these now, the training was pretty simplistic, but again, it was a first draft of the program, and it was years ahead of what other sites had at the time (and what many sites have now from what I have seen).  Were I to return to the project, there are lots of things I would add in and a few things I would remove.

First off, I always wanted to include a general education requirement.  Basically a baseline of general knowledge that met or exceeded requirements across the board in all countries.  It would take a lot of research and work to compile this, but I think it is important for Jedi to have a strong general knowledge background.

Second, I wanted to add in lessons in basic Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Wilderness Survival/Camping, and a few other more specialized topics.

Third, I would like to weave in more of the “For Jedi By Jedi” texts.  Only a few were included back then, but I believe it is important to study them at least briefly, whether they are still applicable or not.

Fourth, I would like to standardize the schedule a bit more.  Have all breaks at generally the same time, and have a rotation of lessons, so that if you have a teacher that specializes in one area, let’s say Meditation for this example, they can work with the First Years for a few weeks, then the Second Years after that, then the Third Years after that….ecc., so they are not doing all the work at once.

Fifth, there are actually quite a few lessons I would remove.  They are either unnecessary, or outdated, or more applicable to paths other than Jedi.  There is also far too much time spent on Force Studies, which until someone uncovers an ability to access the Force, is pretty useless in real world application.

Finally, I would stretch out the training for all five years (I really think there is enough material), but I would also add in a personal fitness goals section throughout the course instead of just at the end, where a teacher could work with students on individual fitness goals.


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