Flashback – My Attempt at a Temple: The Frame

Back in the late 90’s/early 00’s, training programs were very lax and ill formed.  The closest thing to a standardized training program was the Blue Group at the Jedi Temple site, but even that seemed incomplete.  Over the years, I started to form an idea of what I thought training would/should look like, and when the Temple of the Jedi Order (TJO, not the religious based TotJO that you know today) collapsed, I redirected my energy to attempt to create my vision.  Unfortunately, I started college shortly thereafter and was working on this solo, so it still sits incomplete today here.  Feel free to pick through it, though I only really ever built the frame virtually, all the content (which is woefully outdated) still sits in folders and notebooks on my desk at home.


This post is just to give a layout of the site, the more intensive information will be posted separately.  Do not want to overload anyone.

The site was built to make someone feel as if they were actually attending a temple, with image maps of the fictional Temple, and spires and ziggarats all with the same names and similar purposes as those in the fiction.


JTSpire-TempleSpireTemple Spire
The very center spire, this was where the discussion forum was located.  This was meant to be the standard discussion forum, like the rest of the Jedi sites at the time.  I re-purposed the old TJO boards, moving all the old discussions to a single archive and restructuring the forums  to fit the new site.  The site can still be found here, as I saved it from the ezboard purge.



Jedi Council Spire
The far left spire, this was simply meant to be a place with biographies and contact information for the Temple Council members.



Council of First Knowledge
The far back spire, this was the library area, and the other major image map for the site.  Users could click on aisles of the Archives, which would take them to a shelf of books pertaining to a topic.  Each book would bring up a different text.


Reassignment Council
The far right spire.  In the fiction, the reassignment council was the council that handled reassigning students that were not chosen as Padawans.  I wanted this spire to serve a similar purpose, but also be useful to all members of the Temple.  This page contained a list of charity organizations with links to their sites, and would have evolved and grown to include a list of members who supported each charity and any insight or advice they could provide.



Council of Reconciliation
The front spire, a simple form to submit any comments, questions, or concerns to the Temple staff.




Jedi Dormitories
The left back ziggurat was a fun little idea I came up with, each student would be assigned a dorm room for their profile.  That way they could leave their floor and dorm number as sort of a calling card to their information.  There were 30 floors, each with 67 rooms, for a total of 2,010 rooms.  Mine is on floor 6, room 66, though it has not been updated since I first put it up.


Public Center

The rear right ziggurat was the information center, where you could go to find the basic information about the Temple organization and training procedures.  This would also be where historical notes were kept, like photos from gatherings, ecc.



Administration Center
The front right ziggurat, here is where new members could go to apply for training.  The application was set up as a form, though I am not sure I ever got the coding right, as the instructions say to copy and past it to e-mail.




Jedi Training Facility
Finally, the front left ziggurat, the training facility.  This was the most detailed section of  the site, so this, will have to wait for a separate post.

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