The Background

I first joined the Jedi community back in 1999.  I had only recently seen Star Wars all the way through and the Jedi spoke to me in a way that I had been searching for all my life.  I found a book that listed a website about Jedi in it, followed links on that site to other sites, and before I knew it I was on pretty much every Jedi board there was.

Shortly after, I was taken on as a Padawan and then assigned to the Blue Group at the Jedi Temple.  My master was in charge of the group and I was to act as an advanced student/teachers aid sort of role…until he flipped his proverbial lid, left the community, and the group was reassigned to a new teacher.

In 2002, a handful of Jedi from various sites decided to get together in person, and in July of that year, gathered together in Great Falls, Montana for the first ever offline Jedi Gathering.

In 2004, two of the major sites attempted a merger…it did not go well.  My home online sort of faded away, and so did I.  I maintained a vague online presence for about four more years though.  In 2007, a Jedi in Chicago was trying to start a local offline Chapter, so I joined.  It was only two or three of us for a year, and then there was a surge of new members in April of 2008, but for several reasons, I realized that I could no longer support the group and left.

I continued to lurk and check in on the online communities from time to time, but I largely just became a solitary Jedi…until 2016…

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